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Established in the year 1988, we have journeyed to grow into one of the country’s leading exporter of agricultural commodities, and have been recognised by the Government of India as One Star Export House. Besides International trading of agri-commodities, we undertake cleaning, sorting and grading of agricultural products. We also maintain a storage facility occupying an area of over 1,20,000 sq. ft.

Our Vision

To be a company that processes food products that are healthy for consumers, aligned with values of supporting farmer communities, thereby creating meaningful relationships with those around us

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Of all numerous learning, farming is superior.
The farming cycle keeps the entire nation on the move.

-- Sarvajña --
A 16th Century Kannada Poet and Philosopher

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Recognition is the greatest motivator

- Gerard C. Eakedale

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Our services are delivered by our team with years of experience and are passionate about developing business.

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With an installed capacity of generating 1MW of Electricity from solar energy, we are doing our bit to contribute to our environment.



+91 9110638455

#90-93, KIADB Industrial Area, Aliyabad, Vijayapur-586108, Karnataka

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